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Are you logging in to the right section?

Your username and password is only valid for one type of account, a Job Seeker or an Employer. Therefore, if you registered as a Job Seeker, you must also log in as a Job Seeker here. If you registered as an Employer, you must log in as an Employer here.

Do you have cookies enabled?

The most common login issue is not having cookies enabled in your web browser. Cookies are a small piece of data that our server stores on your computer; it's how we validate that you are logged into the site when using various features. If you don't have cookies enabled, our site doesn't know you're logged in!

To check to see if your browser is accepting cookies, click here.

Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer 9:

  • In the "Tools" menu, click on "Internet Options"
  • Click on the "Privacy" tab, then click on the "Advanced" button in the middle of the screen
  • If the "Override automatic cookie handling" box is checked, make sure that you have First-party Cookies set to "Accept"
  • If the "Override automatic cookie handling" is not checked, you should be fine

Enabling cookies in Firefox 8.0:

  • In the "Tools" menu, click on the "Options" selection
  • Click on the "Privacy" icon
  • In the Cookies section, ensure that the "Accept cookes from sites" option is checked

For assistance with enabling cookies in other browsers, please refer to their Help files. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact us.