Notice to users with AOL email accounts

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A number of spam complaints have arisen with regards to the automated notifications that this site sends to both job seekers and employers. While these notifications are based on an opt-in system whereby one must deliberately indicate they wish to receive such notifications, the spam complaints are nonetheless taken very seriously by our service providers.

To date, all such complaints have come from registered site users who have AOL email addresses. Therefore, we have had to take the unfortunate step of removing the option of requesting notifications for all site users who have registered with an AOL email address. This means that new users who sign up with an AOL email address ( will not be able to opt-in; additionally, it means that currently registered users with an AOL email address have had their preferences updated systematically to not receive any further notifications.

We realize that not all AOL users will file a spam complaint, but since we cannot determine the specific user when a complaint is filed (such information is redacted) we can only take preventative measures to help ensure that no further complaints arise.

How can I again receive notifications?

If you have another email address that is not with AOL, you can log into your account and update your account preferences to use this non-AOL address. If you do not have another email that is not with AOL, there are many free web-based email services you can sign up for, such as Gmail and Hotmail.

For further information

If you have any further enquiries or concerns about this notification, please email us at