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How to view job postings:

In order to view a full job posting, you must be registered and logged in. When you log in, a second menu bar appears at the top of the page which has links specific to your account (such as Preferences, Help and Log out). If you can't see that second menu bar, you're not logged in and you'll only see an abbreviated version of the job posting.

How to receive email notifications:

When you register, you can elect to receive various automated email notifcations depending on your role. For instance, if you're registering as a job seeker, you can choose to be notified by email any time a new job is posted in your state. If you're registering as an employer, you can choose to be notified by email when your job postings expire and/or when others post jobs in your state. If you change your mind about what notifications you wish to receive, you can always update your account by logging in and clicking on the Preferences link. If you're an AOL user, please read this important notice.